Check Windows Update Settings on Remote PCs / Servers

A common task for I.T. people is managing updates for their Windows servers and workstations.  While WSUS is nice, free tool it does lack some advanced reporting.  Another issue is that if a workstation or server hasn't ever contacted or isn't using WSUS, you can't get a grasp on it's status.

IsInArray - Check for value in an array

There have been many occassions where I've needed to check for a given value within an array in VBScript. There's no built-in function for this, so I crafted my own.


Function IsInArray(strIn, arrCheck)

    'IsInArray: Checks for a value inside an array

    'Author: Justin Doles - www.DigitalDeviation.com

    Dim bFlag bFlag = False

    If IsArray(arrCheck) AND Not IsNull(strIn) Then

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